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The Tao of Motivation

The Tao of Motivation

General, Management, General, Business & Economics -> Business -> Business Studies, Business & Economics -> Management -> Principles of Management, General Interests & Hobbies -> Self-Help -> Self-Help General
Max Landsberg
Published: 20110526
ISBN: 1847650767
Publisher: Profile Books
From the bestselling author of The Tao of Coaching comes a book on how to motivate and inspire others - and yourself! Motivation is much more than just a few words of praise. It is an essential skill which anyone can learn, and with which you can have an indelible, positive impact on yourself and others. Yet most of us are never taught this crucial life skill. In this book, bestselling author Max Landsberg fills that gap, providing simple tools, tips and techniques that really work. One of the key points of the book is, you cannot motivate someone else if you are not motivated yourself. Landsberg examines what it takes to motivate yourself, at work and at home, as the basis for inspiring and motivating those around you.

Motivation, Emotion, and Cognition

Motivation, Emotion, and Cognition Integrative Perspectives on Intellectual Functioning and Development

General, Educational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Emotions, Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Cognitive Psychology, Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> General, Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> Educational Psychology, SCBE0130, SCED24, SCBE011518, Social Sciences -> Psychology -> General
Lenore A. Grenoble; Lindsay J. Whaley
Published: 20040713
ISBN: 1135624488
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
The central argument of this book is that cognition is not the whole story in understanding intellectual functioning and development. To account for inter-individual, intra-individual, and developmental variability in actual intellectual performance, it is necessary to treat cognition, emotion, and motivation as inextricably related. Motivation, Emotion, and Cognition: Integrative Perspectives on Intellectual Functioning and Development: *represents a new direction in theory and research on intellectual functioning and development; *portrays human intelligence as fundamentally constrained by biology and adaptive needs but modulated by social and cultural forces; and *encompasses and integrates a broad range of scientific findings and advances, from cognitive and affective neurosciences to cultural psychology, addressing fundamental issues of individual differences, developmental variability, and cross-cultural differences with respect to intellectual functioning and development. By presenting current knowledge regarding integrated understanding of intellectual functioning and development, this volume promotes exchanges among researchers concerned with provoking new ideas for research and provides educators and other practitioners with a framework that will enrich understanding and guide practice.

Human Motivation and Emotion

Human Motivation and Emotion

Motivation (Psychology), Emotions, Motivation, BF503 .B83 1988, BF 683 B922h 1988, 155.4
Buck, Ross
Published: 1988
ISBN: 0471897051
Publisher: Wiley
Ross Buck. Includes Index. Bibliography: P. 1-82 (3rd Group)

Developmental perspectives on motivation

Developmental perspectives on motivation

health mind body psychology counseling applied psychology, health mind body psychology counseling by topic motivation, health mind body psychology counseling cognitive, health mind body psychology counseling social psychology int, health mind body psychology counseling general, science behavioral sciences behavioral psychology, motivation psychology congresses, personality development congresses
Nebraska Symposium, Jacobs, Janis E., Ryan, Richard W.
ISBN: 080322575X
Publisher: University of Nebraska Press
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.Agency and organization : intrinsic motivation, autonomy, and the self in psychological development / Richard M. Ryan -- The measurement of flow in everyday life : toward a theory of emergent motivation / Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi and Kevin Rathunde -- Visions of self : beyond the me in the mirror / Susan Harter -- School and family effects on the ontogeny of children's interests, self-perceptions, and activity choices / Jacquelynne S. Eccles -- Motivation for social contact across the life span / Laura L. Carstensen -- Commentary on the fortieth Nebraska Symposium on Motivation / Richard M. Ryan.

Identity, Motivation and Memory

Identity, Motivation and Memory The Role of History in the British and German Forces

General, General, Social Sciences -> Social Sciences -> General, Social Sciences -> Sociology -> Sociology, SCSN15, SCSN1590, SCPI0810, SCAS12, SCAS25
Sarah Katharina Kayss
Published: 20180903
ISBN: 0429959141
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Motivation, Intention, And Volition

Motivation, Intention, And Volition

Heckhausen, Heinz, Motivation (Psychology), Intentionalism, Will, Motivation, Volition, BF503 .M68 1987, FF4281, 153.8
Frank Halisch
Published: 1987
ISBN: 0387161910
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Edited By Frank Halisch And Julius Kuhl. In Honor Of: Heinz Heckhausen. Includes Indexes. Bibliography: P. 387-419.

Instant Motivation ePub eBook

Control System Migrations A Practical Project Management Handbook

Non-Classifiable, cs.sel.help_gen, Non-Classifiable -> Non-Classifiable -> Non-Classifiable
Chantal Burns
Published: 20141210
ISBN: 1292065745
Publisher: Pearson International Content

'This will change how you see everything'

Linda Swidenbank; Publishing Director, Time Inc (UK)

'Reveals the vital difference between how we really think and how we think we think'

Rory Sutherland; Vice Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather

This book will change how you think about what drives you to succeed.Groundbreaking new research reveals how your state of mind holds the key to yourmotivation, success and happiness.

Compelling evidence combined with inspiring stories and insights will unlock a powerful new mindsetthat will instantly boost your performance and open your eyes to what it really takes to excel.

'If you want to power-up your performance, read this book'

Shaa Wasmund, author of Stop Talking, Start Doing

'Genuinely transformational'

Josh Krichefski, COO MediaCom


David Pugh-Jones, Global Creative Director, Microsoft


Sophie Hearsey, Editor, that's life!

'Highly recommended!'

Karl Marsden, Managing Director, Shortlist Media Ltd

'Deceptively powerful'

Stuart Taylor, CEO Kinetic Worldwide

Motivation: Theory And Research

Motivation: Theory And Research

Harold F. O'Neil, Michael Drillings
Published: 2016
ISBN: 1138994243
Publisher: Routledge
Designed For Professionals And Graduate Students In The Personality/social, Military, And Educational Psychology, And Assessment/evaluation Communities, This Volume Explores The State Of The Art In Motivational Research For Individuals And Teams From Multiple Theoretical Viewpoints As Well As Their Effects In Both Schools And Training Environments. The Great Majority Of Education And Training R&d Is Focused On The Cognitive Dimensions Of Learning, For Instance, The Acquisition And Retention Of Knowledge And Skills. Less Attention Has Been Given In The Literature And In The Design Of Education And Training Itself To Motivational Variables And Their Influence On Performance. As Such, This Book Is Unique In The Following Montage Of Factors: * A Focus On Motivation Of Teams Or Groups As Well As Individuals; * An Examination Of The Impact Of Motivation On Performance (and, Thus, Also On Cognition) Rather Than Only On Motivation Itself; * Research In Training As Well As Educational Settings. The Data Reported Were Collected In Various Venues Including Schools, Laboratories And Field Settings. The Chapter Authors Are The Researchers That, In Many Cases, Have Defined The State Of The Art In Motivation.

Motivation in Public Management

Motivation In Public Management The Call Of Public Service

Organizational Behavior, Public Affairs & Administration, Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Business & Economics -> Management -> Organizational Behavior, Social Sciences -> Political Science -> Public Administration, Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Industrial & Organizational Psychology
James L. Perry; Annie Hondeghem
Published: 20080515
ISBN: 0191552836
Publisher: Oxford University Press Academic UK
Motivation in Public Management: The Call of Public Service joins a long-standing debate about what drives the behavior of government employees and others who are engaged in the public's business. For many centuries, public service was considered a noble calling and, more recently, a profession. During the latter part of the 20th century, however, many scholars called into question both the reality and desirability of a public service ethic. This book draws upon a substantial and growing body of evidence from across disciplines in the social, behavioral, and natural sciences. It asks and answers key questions about the extent to which behavior is fundamentally self- or other-regarding. To paraphrase James Madison, 'public servants are not angels,' but neither are they self-aggrandizing opportunists. The evidence presented in this volume offers a compelling case that motivation theory should be grounded not only in rational choice models, but altruistic and prosocial perspectives as well. In addition to reviewing evidence from many disciplines, the volume extensively reviews research in public management conducted under the rubric of 'public service motivation'. The volume is a comprehensive guide to history, methodology, empirical research, and institutional and managerial implications of research on public service motivation. As the contributors illustrate, the implications transcend particular sectors or countries.

Motivation and Cognitive Control

The Illuminated Theatre Studies on the Suffering of Images

Cognitive Psychology, General, Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Cognitive Psychology, SCBE011554, SCBE1010, SCBE011515, Social Sciences -> Psychology -> General
Todd S. Braver
Published: 20151222
ISBN: 1317326350
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Individuals do not always perform to their full capability on cognitive tasks. When this occurs, the usual explanation is that the individual was not properly motivated. But this begs the important question: How and why does motivation interact with and influence cognitive processing and the control processes that regulate it? What are the underlying mechanisms that govern such interactions? Motivation has been an important component of psychology and neuroscience throughout the history of the field, but has recently been rejuvenated by rapidly accelerating research interest in the nature of motivation-cognition interactions, particularly as they impact control processes and goal-directed behavior. This volume provides an up-to-date snapshot of the state of research in this exciting, expanding area. The contributors to the volume are internationally-renowned researchers that lead the field in conducting groundbreaking studies. Moreover, they represent a variety of research perspectives and traditions: cognitive psychology and neuroscience, animal learning, social, affective, and personality psychology, and development, lifespan, and aging studies. This book summarizes our current state of understanding of the relationship between motivation and cognitive control, and serves as an essential reference for both students and researchers.

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Tackling the Motivation Crisis

Tackling the Motivation Crisis

General, Classroom Management, Educational Psychology, Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> Curriculum & Instruction, Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> Classroom Management, Professional, Career & Trade -> Education -> Educational Psychology
Mike Anderson
Published: 20210816
ISBN: 141663035X
Publisher: Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

Packed with practical strategies you can use to create a culture of self-motivation in your school!

Teachers use traditional incentive and reward systems with the best of intentions. We're trying to support students' positive behavior and learning. We're hoping to motivate and inspire students to work hard and do well in school. If everyone behaves, we'll have a pizza party. The more books you read, the more stickers you'll receive. On the surface, these systems seem to make sense. They may even seem to work. But in the long term, they do not foster intrinsic motivation or a love or learning. In fact, they often have the opposite effect.

In Tackling the Motivation Crisis: How to Activate Student Learning Without Behavior Charts, Pizza Parties, or Other Hard-to-Quit Incentive Systems, award-winning educator and best-selling author Mike Anderson explains

* The damage done by extrinsic motivation systems and why they are so hard for us to give up.
* What intrinsic motivation looks like and the six high-impact motivators—autonomy, belonging, competence, purpose, fun, and curiosity—that foster it.
* How to teach the self-management and self-motivation skills that can make a difference for kids.
* How to use intrinsic motivation in curricula and instructional strategies, feedback and assessment, and discipline and classroom management.

Ultimately, our job as teachers is not to motivate our students. It's to make sure that our classrooms and schools are places that inspire their intrinsic motivation and allow it to flourish. Anderson shows how you can better do that right away—no matter what grade level or subject area you teach.

Behavioral Neuroscience of Motivation

Behavioral Neuroscience of Motivation

Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology, General, General, Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Neuroscience, Allied Health & Medical -> Medical -> Psychiatry, Social Sciences -> Psychology -> Psychotherapy, Biological Sciences & Nutrition -> Biology -> Zoology, SCL13009, SCH53010, SUCO11642, SCB18006, SCH54018, 2935, 3853, 3012, 3572, 3048
Theo Wehner
Published: 20160511
ISBN: 3319269356
Publisher: Springer Nature
This volume covers the current status of research in the neurobiology of motivated behaviors in humans and other animals in healthy condition. This includes consideration of the psychological processes that drive motivated behavior and the anatomical, electrophysiological and neurochemical mechanisms which drive these processes and regulate behavioural output. The volume also includes chapters on pathological disturbances in motivation including apathy, or motivational deficit as well as addictions, the pathological misdirection of motivated behavior. As with the chapters on healthy motivational processes, the chapters on disease provide a comprehensive up to date review of the neurobiological abnormalities that underlie motivation, as determined by studies of patient populations as well as animal models of disease. The book closes with a section on recent developments in treatments for motivational disorders.

Perceived Control, Motivation, & Coping

School Budgeting for Hard Times Confronting Cutbacks and Critics

Child, Social Sciences -> Family & Consumer Sciences -> Child & Adolescent Development
Ellen A. Skinner
Published: 19950208
ISBN: 1452246742
Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc. (US)
At every point in the lifespan, individual differences in a sense of control are strong predictors of motivation, coping and success and failure in a wide range of domains. What are the origins of these individual differences, how do they develop and what are the mechanisms by which they exert such an influence on psychological functioning? To answer these questions, this book draws on theories and research covering key control constructs, including self-efficacy, learned helplessness, locus of control and attribution theory. Skinner also considers such issues as: the origins of control in social interaction; environmental features that promote or undermine control; developmental change in the mechanisms by which experience

Motivation: Theories and principles

Motivation: Theories and principles

Beck, Robert C
Published: 1978
ISBN: 0136039022
Publisher: Prentice-Hall

The Self-Motivation Handbook

The Self-Motivation Handbook

Self-Hypnosis, Decision-Making & Problem Solving, General Interests & Hobbies -> Self-Help -> Self-Help General, Business & Economics -> Management -> Special Topics
Jim Cathcart
Published: 20160824
ISBN: 1531291155
Publisher: Independent Publishers Group (Chicago Review Press)
Do what needs to be done... Even when you don't feel like doing it. From the author of the international best-seller The Acorn Principle, comes the newest book on motivating yourself to reach the highest levels of success.

60 Second Solutions: Motivation


Motivational, General, Business & Economics -> Management -> Motivation, Business & Economics -> Business -> Business Studies
Jeff Davidson
Published: 20120401
ISBN: 1446354938
Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.
Motivation' provides 60 practical, effective self motivation techniques that can be immediately applied to transform your performance both in the workplace and outside. It covers all vital motivation techniques, from adopting the right mindset and learning to dive right in, to essential planning and delegation skills for maximum output.

Motivation Towards Adult Education

Motivation Towards Adult Education

Ram L. Kanwal
Published: 1987
ISBN: 0318368250
Publisher: Asia Book Corp Of Amer

Psychological theories of motivation


Literary Collections
Arkes, Hal R., Garske, John P.
Published: January 1982
ISBN: 081850465X
Publisher: Monterey, Calif. : Brooks/Cole, c1982.

Adaptational Psychodynamics Motivation And


Rado, Sandor
ISBN: 1111388423

Motivation Slimline 2006 Calendar


Not Available
ISBN: 0763185299

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